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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Therapeutics | Instructions

Abstracting and Indexing


Instructions to Authors: Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Therapeutics (ISSN: 2582-7715) is a quarterly journal in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences (Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry, Computational and Molecular drug design, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Clinical and Hospital pharmacy, Pharmacy practice, Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Biotechnology), which publishes the original research papers, review articles, short communications, case reports, editorials.

Manuscripts in a word format should be submitted by an E-mail attachment to Journal instructions must be followed by authors while formatting their article. A separate word file with all figures in a JPEG format with clear and better resolution and Tables in MS table format should send along with their manuscript or Authors can add them at the last page of the article, i.e. after references. The size of the figure should not exceed 1 MB and the table and figure citations must be included in the text. Please note that the missing citation of figure or table in the text will be deleted from the article.

The page length of an article is important and based on length; the article will be decided to publish as research or short communication. For research articles, the minimum number of pages is 15 and maximum up to 35. And the acceptable page length for short communications is between 4 to 14 pages. Any research paper with 14 or less than 14 pages in length will be converted in to a short communication and the journal editorial team will communicate with authors and publish the accepted article if they agree for the conversion of research to short communication.

The title page of the article (which includes article title, list of author names and their affiliations, running title of the article and the complete affiliation including contact number of corresponding author), manuscript body (which includes Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References and Table and figures) must meet the requirements of the journal. The journal does not charge the authors for submission of their article but it charges a fee for processing and publishing the article and authors need to pay this fee within a week after the invoice generation. A separate charge will be applicable for colour figures. The details are given under “Publication charges”.

An undertaking letter with all authors signed, should be submitted along with their manuscript stating that the work in the article has not been published anywhere or under consideration for publication. And the authors should not submit the article simultaneously to two different journals. And they has to mention in their cover letter clearly, a brief description about their work and whether their work shall be considered as a research or review or short communication or case report. And author should mention the details about the permissions from the Ethical committees for the use of animals/humans in their in vivo/clinical studies.

Peer review process:

Once the article is received, the corresponding author will be communicated with an acknowledgment and our editorial team will send the article for preliminary screening evaluation for format and plagiarism check (Accepted levels of Plagiarism: 15 or <15 %). And the author will be communicated via E-mail, whether the article is accepted for peer review process or not. Articles will be rejected if they are not within the format of journal as specified in Instructions. The accepted articles in preliminary screening are assigned to an Editor and reviewers for further review process. The time to complete the review process is anywhere between 15-30 days and is completely depends on availability of reviewers and Editor. The editor’s decision (accept/revise/reject) is completely based on the comments of at least two reviewers. Once the article is accepted by the editor, the article will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal and author proof and invoice will send to the corresponding author before their article move to current issue of the journal.

Preparation of manuscript:

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Therapeutics publishes original research papers, review articles and short communications, please find our instructions/formatting guidelines to prepare a manuscript. Author should follow the general reporting guidelines while preparing their reviews and research reports. For Systemic reviews and Meta-analysis: PRISMA. For animal pre-clinical studies: ARRIVE

Review articles:

The minimum number of pages for a review article is 12 and maximum up to 35 pages and need not to be divided in to Materials, Methods, Results and Discussion but it should have an Abstract, Key words and Introduction contains up to date information and should cover the relevant literature.

Research papers:

The same page length as mentioned for review article, should be followed, i.e. 12-35 pages. And the article should be divided in to different sections like Introduction, Materials, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. Authors are advised to check for common errors while preparing the manuscript and for grammatical and typographical mistakes. Manuscript should start with Title page and the content of the article should be arranged in the following order: Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Conflict of interest (if any), Financial and scholarships (if any), References, Table and figures and in the last page of the article, the list of titles and legends of table and figures should be given.

Title page: It should contain the title of the article, list of author names and their affiliations, running title of the article, and complete details including contact number of corresponding author. The title of the article should be in title case, bold and the font size is 14 and the font style is Times New Roman, this style for fonts should be followed for the entire article. Author names in upper case and the size of font is 12, this size should be followed to the entire article except for the article title. The author names should not be prefixed or suffixed by their titles or degrees. The place, where the research work has been carried out should be mentioned in the affiliation section followed by the running title with the font size and style should be same as followed for the author names and affiliations. Complete address of the corresponding author including their functional mail id and their contact numbers should be mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Abstract: This section should start from a new page, next to the title page with a single line space. It should contain a brief summary of the article, which helps the reader quickly ascertain the purpose of the article. Key words: Authors can provide up to 10 keywords preferably from MeSH terms provided by National Library of Medicine.

Introduction: Double line space should be maintained throughout the Introduction and for the entire article up to tables and figures. This part should contain the introduction, literature, aims and objectives of the work. Materials and Methods: This section contains all important materials used in the study with their source and all methods with references cited. Methods in the article shall be described briefly and the level of significance has to be mentioned clearly.

Results and Discussion: This section contains results of the study followed by the discussion and finally conclusion of the study. The data in the results sections should be statistically analysed and the level of significance should be mentioned clearly. Please do not include the tables and figures within the text, they should be submitted in a separate word file or authors can add them at the end of page, i.e. after references.

References: Reference should be mentioned in an order in which they are first mentioned in the text. Reference citation in the text should be mentioned in superscript in square brackets. The below reference format should be followed by authors while preparing their articles, which are based on the formats used by NLM in Index Medicus.

Example 1: McKenney J, Brown D, Necsary R, Reavis H. Effect of pharmacist drug monitoring and patient education on hypertensive patients. J Contemp Pharm Pract 1978;1:50-6
Example 2: Brazeau GA, Meyer SM, Belsey M, Bednarczyk EM, Bilic S, Bullock J, et al. preparing pharmacy graduates for traditional and emerging career opportunities. Am J Pharm Educ 2009;73:157.
Example 3: Gaba D. Human work environment and simulators, Anesthesia. 5th ed. Philadelphia: Churchill Livingstone; 2000.
Example 4: Dembo MH. Applying educational psychology. 5th ed. New York, NY, US: Longman/Addison Wesley Longman; 1994. p. 27.
Example 5: Rochow TG. Compound Microscopes Using Reflected Light. In: Rochow TG, Tucker PA, editors. Introduction to Microscopy by Means of Light, Electrons, X Rays, or Acoustics. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Springer US; 1994. p. 56-98.
Example 6: EU Drug Market Report 2016. [cited 2016 Mar 10]. Available from:
Example 7: Haslam JL, Rork GS, inventor; Merck and Co Inc., assignee. Controlled porosity osmotic pumps. United States patent US4880631A. 1989 Nov 14.
The above mentioned are the common types of references and please refer to guidelines by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( for other types of references.

Tables and figures: Microsoft word table format should be used to prepare the tables and it should contain title in upper case and two to three lines of explanation in legends. Please note that the tables and figures shall not be included within the text, they should be given at the end of page, i.e. after reference or in a separate word file. Figures with a clear and better resolution with the size less than 1 MB, in JPEG format and submitted in a separate word file with titles and legends or authors can submit at the end of the article. Please note that the figures and tables with missing citations in text will be deleted. And add the list of table and figure titles and legends at the end of the page.

Symbols and abbreviations

Words like in vitro, in vivo, in situ, ex vivo, ad libitum, et al. should be written in italics and hyphen should not be used for these words and all foreign language names other than names form English language, should be written in italics. Hyphenated words such as dose-dependent, carrageenan-induced, Freund's adjuvant-induced. Scientific names of plants and animals should write as italics. Please follow the table below for units and symbols used in the article.

Physical quantity Base unit SI symbol

Temperature Degree centigrade
Amount of substance




Degree centigrade
Kilo gram


Processing/Publishing charges (applicable only after the acceptance by the Editor)

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Therapeutics charges a fee towards their accepted articles as mentioned below. Authors will be communicated with author proofs and invoice, once their article is accepted for publication by the Editor. And authors need to pay this amount with a week after the invoice generation. However, the article processing charges (APC) are not mandatory for authors of developing (LIC) countries who don't have financial support/funds for their research works. 

Article type APC (LIC) (USD) APC (HIC) (USD)
Review Article 100 500
Research Paper 100 500
Short Communication/Case reports 66 450

Article Processing Charges are not mandatory for authors from developing countries, who don’t have financial support/funds.

Instructions to Reviewers: 

Peer-review process helps to improve the quality of research work and reviewers play an important role in publishing process. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Therapeutics follows Single Blind review process, in this type authors could not be able to know the details of reviewers, and is the most common type and is the traditional method of review process.

Once the article is accepted by the editor in preliminary screening evaluation, article will be assigned with five potent reviewers. Editor will send an invitation to review the manuscript to reviewers. And they should respond to the invitation as soon as they can, even if it is decline to review. A delay in response slows down the review process. Reviewers will be given a time period (7 to 25 days) and they should submit the comments on the article along with their decision (Accept/Minor or Major revisions/Reject) and/or their comments to editor.

Reviewers recommendations on the article: Accept without any revisions; Revise - major or minor revisions, an explanation is required why the revisions are necessary; Reject - reviewers should mention the reason for rejection. A review form along with the full-length article will be given to the reviewers for review and the form should be filled with their comments and decision on the manuscript, and reviewers should send this form to the editor, Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Therapeutics (

Reviewers should treat the article and their contents as confidential. Editor will take the final decision on the manuscript based on the comments on the paper by reviewers. And editor will decide whether the article is acceptable for publishing or not.

Scientists/Professors/Associate Professors, who are interested to work with us as a reviewer in various departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Molecular Drug Design, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacognosy amd Phytochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, etc.) are requested to send their acceptance and CV to